Andreas Richter

Andreas Richter
Andreas Richter
Head of Supply & Production Network
ABB Turbo Systems AG

«Digitalisierung in der Arbeitswelt; Performance erlangt Perfektion! Dadurch gibt es nur noch einen Bereich offen für Innovationen – den Menschen. Denn alles was nicht digitalisiert oder automatisiert werden kann, gewinnt an Wert.»

  • Product Group revenues around 730 million USD
  • Total number of employees around 800
  • Responsibility scope of cost center expenses; current 120 million USD
  • Manage 10 direct reports (~500 employees)
  • Responsible for the output of the global production, in terms of time, cost and quality
  • Realize expected productivity improvements in all plants globally
  • Restructure the organization according to the changing business needs (transform the operation into the digital century)
  • Change management to drive operations towards world class standard.
  • Planning and implementation of the localization of new generation products, footprint responsibilities